E-SAGE Edmontonians Supporting a Green Economy

Who is E-SAGE?

Tad Hargrave

Now 34, Tad is one of North America's younger (and more unusual) marketing consultants. Since 2001, Tad has been running Radical Business a marketing consulting business for "green", locally owned, sustainable, holistic, life-affirming and otherwise conscious entrepreneurs who are struggling with their cashflow, not attracting as many clients as they want and who don't "love" the idea of marketing (even if they love their business). He's often found traveling around Canada leading his "Radical Business Intensive", "The Way of the Radical Business" and "Marketing 101 for Holistic Practitioners" workshops. And to keep them accessible he offers all of his workshps on a Pay What You Want basis. He is also the co-founder of E-Sage which is one of Edmonton's leading hubs for green and local living resources. To learn more about Tad click here.


Deborah Merriam – ecoDomestica reDesign

Deborah MerriamDeborah is a sustainable interior decorator and Certified Redesign and Staging Specialist, and is working toward completion of a diploma in Residential Interiors from the University of Alberta, while focusing all her class projects and professional work on sustainable design solutions. From her prior career in biomedical research she brings to any project a valuable interdisciplinary perspective, a talent for meticulous research, and the lateral problem-solving skills that are essential for success in the rapidly changing field of sustainable design. A passionate advocate of green living and environmentally-friendly design, Deborah's services include green product and materials sourcing, sustainability coaching, custom product and furnishing design and creation, one-day redecorating and staging, and colour and decor consultations.

Why such a big career switch? Deborah says, "I’d always been environmentally-conscious, but after my daughter was diagnosed with an anaphylactic food allergy, the process of making our home an allergen-free zone was my big wake-up call. I re-evaluated everything, from our detergent choices to our reno plans. I was already on maternity leave, so I decided to retrain and start a values-based business that allowed me to indulge the visually creative side I had nurtured through hobbies during my years working in biochemistry and immunology labs."

Deborah also volunteers for the Friends of the Devonian Botanic Garden.


Terra Fleenor

Terra FleenorMother of Geo, lover of nature, co-founder of Arca Tribe a local intentional dance community dedicated to sustainability.

Passionate about sustainable community and bringing people together for greater awareness and purpose.  She is a co-founder and organizer for the local intentional dance community Arca Tribe and regularly volunteers for different events and groups around Edmonton. 

Last year she was on the board of directors for Love H2O, a local version of the international Live H20 event, a festival dedicated to the arts, culture, and environmental stewardship with a focus on healing the waters of the world. 

She also has a sustainable business consulting and event planning company called Busy Bee Synergy.  

Maureen Abram – I Am Designs

Maureen AbramOne of the founders of E-SAGE, and creators of the Shop Local Guide, Maureen moved to Belize in July of 2009 to pursue an even more sustainable lifestyle. 100% off the grid and living the 100 mile diet full-time. There are also many opportunities to get involved in community development in Central America. You can read her blog about living in Belize.

Maureen still helps with the E-SAGE group, and is active in getting the Shop Local Guide up to date with listings, ranking and providing tech support.

Maureen has worked hard to bring together a group of like-minded, independent entrepreneurs who are highly skilled in their respected professions, and have agreed to combine their professional talents to serve your website and online marketing needs. In this organization there is no “boss” or “employee”. www.iamdesigns.com

Maureen's commitment to Organic Synergy involves more than just her business. She is also dedicated to protecting and preserving the natural environment.