E-SAGE Edmontonians Supporting a Green Economy

About E-SAGE

an edmonton hub for green and local living
So you want to live a more sustainable lifestyle . . .
but where do you start?


Edmontonians Supporting A Green Economy (E-SAGE) was founded three years ago to address just that question. We wanted to make it incredibly easy for local community members to find whatever resource they need to take the 'next step' in making their lifestyle (or businesses) more sustainable.
We've been working hard to support the development of a vibrant, local living economy.
We encourage Edmonton area businesses and community members and businesses to become greener, to think local first, and to make informed socially-responsible choices in the ways that they earn and spend their money. We work to support them in contributing to the development of a vibrant local living economy, community and environment through networking events and workshops.
Here are some of the things we've accomplished since our founding in December of 2007:
  • We worked with the City, and Keep Edmonton Original to have November 2008 proclaimed as “Shop Local First” Month.
  • We worked with the Greater Edmonton Alliance to bring 600 people out to the hearings to preserve Edmonton’s agricultural lands at city hall on November 12, 2008.
  • We promote community events for other groups like the Sierra Club, ESPA through our bi-monthly newsletter (sign up at the left), and help to bring in world-class speakers like Kevin Danahar, Michael Shuman and others.
  • We created the Shop Local Guide to promote local, sustainable businesses in Edmonton and area
  • Our monthly community meetings have inspired participants with topics such as urban gardening, greening your home, eco-villages, alternative energy, local economics, green parenting, traditional skills, food security, and the 100 mile diet